Read this very interesting report on inspirational practices for digital transformation in Europe. The report reveals that according to the European Centre for Vocational Education and Training (Cedefop)’s European skills and jobs (ESJ) surveymore than 7 in 10 adult employees in the EU need at least a basic level of digital skills to be able to perform their jobs and about one in three of those employees are at risk of digital skill gaps, and raises significant questions on whether digitalisation represents a threat or an opportunity for the future of work, the future of skills, the future of the economy and, finally, the future of Europe. file:///C:/Users/KED_AT~1/AppData/Local/Temp/ESF%20TP%20Dossier%2010%20-%20Inspirational%20practices%20for%20tomorrow%20s%20Inclusive%20digital%20world.pdf