About our learning opportunities


We aim to provide this knowledge community with new information, knowledge,services and tools to develop further members’ capacity to fight effectively digital exclusion of socially vulnerable groups. In the Knowledge Community Learning area you can have access to:

  • The  MEDICI webinars repository, gathering all the webinars we have organized so far on different, relevant themes
  • The Evidence Digests, a series of five reports on best practices on Digital Inclusion, summarising the evidence behind these practices and the areas for improvement on key Digital Inclusion issues,
  • Our Podcasts featuring discussions with leading experts on Digital Inclusion and some of our fantastic projects
  • Online surgery workshops that you can attend to discuss challenges related to evaluation and replication of good practices and receive peer feedback, Videos on key concepts emerging from good practices
  • Our collection of short and snappy animated videos on key concepts from the MEDICI catalogue on ‘replication’, ‘evaluation’ and ‘standards of evidence’ to help you engage in improving your evidence
  • Our glossary of definitions about evaluation and replication as well as general concepts related to digital inclusion.
  • Our collection of external resources (webinars, reports and websites) helpful to the knowledge community on evaluation and replication

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