DIGITOL – Digital Inclusion for Older People – intergenerational synergies for the active participation in society

DIGITOL will use innovative intergenerational educational practices to combat the spread of fake news


The purpose of DIGITOL is to promote EU common values, such as solidarity and diversity, by developing and delivering innovative digital literacy training with younger trainers and older learners. Ultimately, the project aims to make the Internet accessible and more respectful for all.
The project will contribute to combating forms of discrimination within the EU that are driven by xenophobia, populism, and homophobia, by increasing awareness among older adults and training them for the identification and evaluation of fake news, with the goal to filter them out and not spread them further.

Target Group

Elderly people


Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Romania


Link to web site

Stakeholders involved

AGE Platform, CCB (Italy), 50plus (Greece), Pro Arbeit (Germany), Znanie (Bulgaria), Tree (Esthonia

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