TEACH FOR FUTURE – Educational Transformation of Adults through Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

“Teach for the future” transfers know-how on Innovation, Networking and Leadership to heterogeneous adult learners communities


TEACH FOR FUTURE project aims at creating a transnational and multi-sectoral network through which 10 facilitators from Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, IT multipliers, specialised in Management of Innovation & Networking and Entrepreneurship & Leadership transfer know-how to heterogeneous adult learners communities from the three countries but also from the region, so that innovative learning experiences can generate favourable changes in the level of integration of the three themes into education, with beneficial effects on adult and professional development of adults; (3D modelling and printing, image editing, digital marketing, on-line collaboration tools), Management of Innovation & Collaboration within a network and Entrepreneurship & Leadership among 210 adults in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece (70 per country), library users and librarians, trained with the involvement of experienced facilitators, as well as the transfer of good practices among 90 adults (30 from each country Romania, Bulgaria and Greece) within 3 mentoring camps, each country in one of the three thematic areas, consisting of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial sessions development and organized in each partner country according to the proven expertise, by establishing connections with key experts and leaders in the project’s reference areas in 3 countries, as well as representatives and decision-makers from the authorities, business environment, NGOs and representative education units in each country. In total, 6 mobilities, 3 dedicated to training multipliers and 3 for adults.Within the project, 6 innovative intellec will be developed (the Innovative methodology for training the trainers in ICT for adults, the Management of Innovation & Collaboration within a network Curriculum in adult teaching, the Entrepreneurship & Leadership Curriculum in adult teaching, the Trainer Manual for the mentoring camps, the e-Innovator Guide and e-Entrepreneur Guide.

Target Group

People with disabilities


Romania, Bulgaria, Greece



Stakeholders involved

5000 librarians, 10,000 adults, 2 authorities, 5 businesses, 5 NGOs, 3 universities from 3 countries

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